Cooking pots

1 ) Worldwide Cooking
In the world there are countless traditional methods for the preparation of our dishes. Exclusive Kitchenware allows you to enjoy all these culinary delights and healthy eating habits. Thanks to the specially developed Exclusive Kitchenware - floor can transform from then cook without water and fry without fat. In this way, the cooking process is shortened and keeps the food all their natural nutrients .

2) Properties
2a . The material used
Exclusive Kitchenware uses only the finest materials for its cooking pots. They are therefore not only in the possession of beautiful pots, but also a set that is easy to maintain .
The material used is 18/10 stainless steel with 18% chrome and 10% nickel .
A high-quality overlayer for the life of the cooking pots extension is still attached to this 18/10 stainless steel.
The handles do not get hot during the entire cooking process , which ensures maximum safety .
The ergonomic design provides good grip .
Some cookers are equipped with a practical thermal button . This thermal knob indicates the exact temperature in the cooking pot . So you do not have to lift the lid to check the temperature. In this way you can save a lot of energy - good for the environment !
If you notice that the thermo knob reaches the red zone, you must set the stove on smaller step to prevent scorching.
We recommend you to never use cover with thermo knob in the oven or wash in the dishwasher .

2b. ground
The specially developed floor of Exclusive Kitchenware remains flat during the entire cooking process . This allows the ground forward even the slightest thermal energy , so that their food cook faster and more evenly. With this revolutionary floor will save you a lot of time and energy!

2c. The healthy cooking methods of Exclusive Kitchenware
Use for the preparation of your dishes always have the right pressure cooker. If you use too large a pot , air bubbles can arise in food that affect the quality.

2d. Multifunctional: healthy for you and good for the environment
The products of Exclusive Kitchenware can be well used in combination with each other.
Thus, with only a stove top at the same time fried meat and vegetables are steamed :
- Place the meat in the frying pan
- Place the pan on the pan with the potatoes in it and the steamer insert with vegetables
- Put the lid on the pot
If you put the pot on the lid at the table , the food and the soil stays warm longer .

2e. Accessories and Applications
a) The use of the ring insert
The ring insert is used to stabilize the steam used in the cooking pot
- Place the ring insert into the pot and then the steam used in the ring

b ) Use of the Frittiereinsatzes
You must use the 20 cm saucepan.

Using liquid frying fat , it contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that influence cholesterol positive.
- Heat the oil in a cooking pot
- Remove excess ice from the frozen products , so that the oil does not splashing out
- We recommend to always use Frittierhandschuhe if you deep fry
- Enter the frozen products in the Frittiereinsatz
- Fill the application not later than the pot , so you avoid crumbs in fat
- It is not necessary to cover up the pot

3 ) Care and cleaning of the cooking pot sets
Before first use of the cooking pot sets , we recommend to clean the pots with water and detergent without citric acid. Never use detergents with citric acid for stainless steel products .
Leave the pots in the dishwasher does not dry.
You can rub pots with cooking oil. This results in a protective layer.
Sticky food scraps at the bottom of the pot , you can easily remove it by let it boil a little water. Rub the pot afterwards with a clean cloth or sponge .
Burnt food remains can be briefly boiled with a little water and then scraped with a wooden spoon from the floor.
Burnt food scraps , grease and other stains can be easily removed so !
From cleaning with metal objects we recommend strongly . Thus, the pots can be damaged.
If, after overheating the pot come to a blue to golden- brown discoloration of the material , it can be removed with a good cleaning agent. We recommend choosing the " stainless steel cleanser " Exclusive Kitchenware .
Never empty or nearly empty pots on the hot stove .
Cooking pots with thermo knob must not be washed in the dishwasher. Do not turn it too tight, otherwise they can implode. The thermal buttons only have a long life if they are handled with care .