1 ) Worldwide Cooking
Throughout the world, drinking and bumping tradition. To all the specific characteristics of traditional drinks can be enjoyed , it is important that each drink is drunk in suitable glasses. Taste the most delicious drinks from around the world in these gorgeous glasses !

2) Properties
Exclusive Kitchenware uses only the finest materials for its crystal products. Our glasses have been around for many years awarded by professionals and large beverage producer. Thanks to the special shapes, you can enjoy a variety of drinks optimal. Exclusive Kitchenware crystal is the perfect combination of traditional values ​​with modern design at affordable prices .

3 ) Care and cleaning of the crystal
If you maintain carefully your crystal, it will delight you for a lifetime with his glory.
3a . Washing by hand :
The rinsing by hand is still the best way to clean your crystal.
If you are looking to use the same with hot water rinse your crystal and dry with a soft, dry cloth , you will have no problems. Never use aggressive cleaning agents!

3b. Dishwasher:
The dishwasher is a much more aggressive type of cleaning than washing up by hand , because the detergents used in this case of strong chemical compounds are composed .
These chemicals are long and at high temperatures on the dishes, so that it can eventually lead to stains and glass corrosion. You can avoid this by following the instructions below .
1) Before loading the crystal in the dishwasher, you should rinse the glasses under running hot water. To prevent the action of saline substances. Glasses with milk residues and the like , you should always rinse first before filing them in the dishwasher.

2) The Abspülprodukte , the water softener and the salt dose always follow the instructions on the packaging. Never mix different Abspülprodukte , if this is not provided. We recommend the use of branded products !

3) At the end of the wash program, the crystal take directly from the dishwasher and dry with a clean, dry kitchen towel.

4) Security
Crystal is a fragile material, which requires a careful handling .
Put the jars in the oven never , in the microwave or in the freezer. Extreme temperatures such as cold or heat can cause glass breakage.
Leave your crystal never longer behind a window in the sun . This could bring the glass to crack .
If a glass has cracks or small pieces missing, you should dispose of it . Drinking from broken or damaged glass may cause injury.