Stahlwerk Germany SW2 Open-end wrench set 20-piece 10-22mm

€ 405,00
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Discover the premium quality of the Stahlwerk Germany SW2 open-end wrench set, made from superior chrome vanadium for ultimate durability and strength. This set consists of 20 open-end wrenches, neatly organized in a sturdy folder for easy storage and transport.

What the set contains:

  • 6x open-end wrench size 10mm
  • 7x open-end wrench size 13mm
  • 3x Open-end wrench size 17mm
  • 2x open-end wrench size 22mm

Most important features:

  • Material: Premium chrome vanadium with matte finish
  • Durable: Resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Convenient: Supplied in a robust folder for easy organization
  • Versatile: Suitable for both professional and DIY use

With the Stahlwerk Germany SW2 open-end wrench set you choose precision, reliability and long-lasting performance. Add this high-quality set to your tool arsenal and notice the difference.