HYUNDAI HY170 Petrol High Pressure Cleaner 170bar

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The Hyundai HY170 high-pressure cleaner, equipped with a powerful 7 hp petrol engine, is an impressive device that delivers an astonishing pressure of 170 bar. With its five different nozzles, this cleaning machine offers a range of water jets, making it the ideal choice for various cleaning and maintenance tasks. This high-quality pressure washer is designed with reliability and power in mind, which translates to highly effective cleaning performance.

Thanks to Hyundai's robust 7 hp petrol engine, the HY170 high-pressure cleaner stands out for its ability to tackle even the most stubborn dirt and grease deposits. Whether it concerns cleaning terraces, driveways, vehicles or other outdoor surfaces, this high-pressure cleaner guarantees thorough and efficient cleaning.

With five different nozzles varying in jet patterns and intensity, the HY170 pressure washer offers versatility in tackling different cleaning challenges. From a targeted, powerful jet for stubborn dirt to a wider spread for larger surfaces, this machine adapts to the specific demands of the cleaning task.

The reliability of the Hyundai HY170 is further emphasized by the durable construction and high-quality materials used in its design. This not only ensures long-lasting performance, but also a pressure washer that can withstand the test of time and different weather conditions.

Whether you are a professional cleaner looking for a reliable machine for everyday use or a homeowner who wants a powerful pressure washer for periodic maintenance, the Hyundai HY170 meets a variety of requirements. Its combination of power, versatility and reliability makes this pressure washer an indispensable tool for anyone who strives for optimal cleaning performance.